Customer Discovery: Storm Water Filtration

By now, every entrepreneur knows (or should know) Steve Blank's mantra about customer discovery: "Getting feedback from customers is the most valuable thing you will do as entrepreneurs. It is not outsourceable." But how do you get out of the lab, off the phone, and into the field for true customer discovery? That's where Braid Theory can help.

Brian Deurloo, CEO of Frog Creek Partners, came to us to looking for assistance to bring the Gutter Bin to market in Southern California. "Can you help me line up some meetings while I am in town?" he asked. Frog Creek Partners, headquartered in Casper, Wyoming, is an environmental technology company that specializes in stormwater filtration and pollution measurement services. Their flagship product is the patent pending Gutter Bin™ stormwater filtration system. 

As is the Braid Theory way, we not only set up a meeting, but took his request further by arranging a hands-on tour at one of the Port of Long Beach tenant operators, SSA Marine. There, Brian got a better understanding of the customer's pain.

What's next? Though it felt like sending "coals to Newcastle," we shipped off a five-gallon bucket of port dirt to Wyoming for testing of Gutter Bin's efficacy in removing heavy metals from the fine sediment produced from industrial sources like truck brakes and tires.

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