It's a Bird... it's a Plane... it's CTO Jim Cooper

What do you do when you've sold your successful business and are looking for the "next big thing?" Call Braid Theory, of course. After selling Plaza Automotive, Mitch Harmatz knew he wanted to explore opportunities to address the problem of food waste. But where to start?

"Superman" Jim Cooper worked with Mitch through a rigorous Lean Startup process to help him better understand the business of food waste, the pain points throughout the entire food supply chain, and the potential business opportunities.

What was the result? Mitch not only discovered numerous business opportunities for his next venture, he was able to understand what he didn't wish to pursue. And he's taken the first step beyond the white board and out into San Pedro's bountiful gardens. Using his extensive network in the San Pedro non-profit community, Mitch is connecting these area non-profits with local residents who have grown excess produce. Add in a generous sprinkling of volunteers, and voila! Food Harvesting.

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