Is your startup ready for market traction and growth?

Custom Program
Starting at $600/month

Braid Theory's one-on-one consulting program, Scale Cube, helps startup companies commercialize their technology. From industrial and corporate partnerships such as demos, trials and pilot projects, to purchases or integration with existing solutions, Braid Theory connects entrepreneurs to the marketplace. The program continues beyond the Lean methodology and through a process that keeps a startup and the entrepreneurial team validated and relevant to customers, while proving out capacity building, scaling, deployment and traction, maintaining market readiness and ensuring a pathway beyond commercialization, perhaps to company exit.

Scale Cube clients work with Braid Theory to determine an agreed-upon scope of work. Then, working in six-month increments, clients prove out key areas to build market traction, customer and channel development, and alignment with business models and industry cycles. We assist companies to define their market reach and negotiate barriers, whether competitive or regulatory, that hold back growth. Braid Theory prepares startups for fundraising, facilitates introductions and helps companies address core competencies desired by investors.

Braid Theory has built strong relationships with industry and understands end-user challenges and barriers to deployment, allowing us to target solutions and opportunitites to bring to our corporate partners. We foster a culture of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and enthusiasm to implement change and improvement through engagement with new technology.

All Scale Cube clients receive additional benefits including: job posting amplification; presence on the Braid Theory website; inclusion in Braid Theory announcements, community and ecosystem engagement, and Braid Theory events. Startups are also invited to participate in Braid Theory's Demo/Pitch Day to present in front of investors, corporate partners, industry stakeholders, media and influential guests.

Scale Cube provides access to Braid Theory's extensive domain experience, all without membership fees, warrants or equity sharing. Our shared revenue model ensures mutual commitment and profitable collaborations.